Telemaki is a sushi take away and delivey service that guarantees the best quality for the best price. Our passion is sushi but our menu has a wide variety of traditional Japanese dishes as well as new creations. All our dishes are made to order to guarantee maximum quality and freshness.



Our goal is to provide our customers with the freshnest product possible, which is why all our dishes are made to order. We use the highest quality ingredients and our chef makes sure that the final results are consistently excellent. All of our dishes are prepared daily and meet the highest standard of quality control.



Telemaki collaborates with nonprofit entity Djumbai, in Educating Africa project, reinforcing the values of Telemaki: effort, commitment and improvement. Telemaki representatives have traveled with Djumbai to G uinea Bissau in order to draw a modern and efficient estrategic line that allows areal development of the most disadvantaged populations, providing a perspective for the future that improve their living conditions. 

We have created the Telemaki scholarship and signed a collaborations agreement with Djumbai for a young Guinean can pursue university studies and to have a future in one of the countries weith the highest rate of poverty in the world.